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Concrete Inspection

Non-intrusive concrete inspections can be undertaken to determine the presence and extent of integrated strengthening bars or reinforcement mesh. They are used for the planning of exploratory works, strength assessments or to ascertain if reinforcement is actually present.

360 Group use mid and high frequency ground penetrating radar surveys for a range of applications including; industrial and retail floor inspections, the detection of reinforced sub-surface ducting slabs and the extent of basement projections. Evidence of reinforcement ‘sag’, delamination and under slab voiding can also be determined using this technique along with the location of post-tensioning tendons and movement joint dowels.

We also have experience of locating the footings of wind turbines and pedestal cranes as well as providing strength assessment information for mobile crane emplacements.

Our survey outputs are presented as CAD drawings with associated technical reports. We can also mark-out rebar positions on site to assist intrusive works.


Augmented reality high frequency GPR data

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