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Environmental Monitoring

360 Group provide a range of surveying and geophysical techniques for environmental monitoring and investigation.


Surface Applications

The use of terrestrial 3D laser scanning and airborne LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) can be used for the detection and investigation of landslides and rockfall displacements.  Both techniques enable remote survey acquisition, providing high resolution scans and eliminating risk of injury to personnel.  The resulting data can be used to quantify the volume of displaced materials as well as to identify any further deposits that could be susceptible to displacement.  Similarly, a series of surveys can be commissioned for monitoring purposes, enabling the detection of precursory displacements, that could be an increase in activity before a larger collapse occurs.

Both techniques can also be used to analyse and track the deposition of debris flow caused by heavy flooding along river channels. The subsequent findings can then determine the quantities of material required for removal to ensure efficient flow and prevent further catastrophic damming.


Subsurface Applications

Geophysical techniques can be used to detect buried environmental hazards including leachate plumes, sinkholes and alluvial channels, as well as geological features such as bedrock and water table levels. 360 Group use a range of specialist instrumentation and software for our surveys. The techniques used will be determined by the purpose of the survey and the depth required for the investigation.



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