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Structural Assessments & Expert Witness

360 Group offer a wide range of structural assessments and building pathology services that meet current Best Practice standards and provide insightful and decision-making diagnosis and prognosis.  We help our clients to become informed and to navigate difficult situations with clarity and purpose.

Our Building Pathology and Property Condition Surveys will include a technical assessment of the probable cause and associated consequence outcome of building defects. Applications include:

  • * The diagnosis and prognosis of building defects (including remediation recommendations and cost associated plans for rectification)
  • * Dampness - the causes, symptoms and diagnosis
  • * Movement in buildings - the causes, symptoms and diagnosis
  • * Roof defects
  • * Flooding and flood damage
  • * General masonry defects
  • * General property defects - identification and recommended repair
  • * Property condition surveys for home purchasers


Expert Witness

360 Group also work with FCIOB level associates who provide expert witness reports and presentations for building and property disputes.

They are skilled in their profession and have specialised knowledge through training, education and practical experience to ensure reliability, honesty and to be non-biased in their admissible data.

We have our in-house technology and practical knowledge as a resource to assist and corroborate findings determined by the expert witness. This can involve laser scanning, monitoring surveys or structural high frequency GPR assessments.

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