Newcastle University Building Survey

Universities are thriving hubs of learning, usually consisting of multiple buildings housing thousands of students, teachers and members of the public. This makes carrying out surveys on university premises a challenge — as surveyors must minimise their disruption to the public whilst also adhering to strict safety rules, all the while capturing data as effectively as possible. When Newcastle University asked us to survey a disused building on their grounds, our innovative methods enabled success…

The Challenge

Black Horse House is a disused building owned by Newcastle University. It’s located in a busy public location, but lacked electricity. Because it belongs to the university, health and safety and consideration for the public were major concerns. Adding to the challenge was the fact that the survey was ordered to a very short timescale as the client needed results fast.

The 360RI Solution

By using 3D laser scanners, our team could enter the disused building and capture a full range of data regardless of the lack of light. Because laser scanning can establish data from shades of black and white, we were able to present a complete survey of the site even in total darkness. Better yet, 3D laser scanning is extremely efficient which means we carried out the works quickly to the client’s timescales.

The Results

The accurate point cloud we created was then used to create a 3D revit model that could be collaborated on by surveyors, designers, architects and more. Our survey reduced disruption to the public and ensured all health and safety procedures were followed whilst also providing the client with a LOD 200 3D BIM model and full suite of 360 panoramic imagery that they could use for future planning on the site. With 3D laser scanning, short timescales or lack of power on a site simply do not present the same obstacles that they do for traditional surveying methods.

If you’re planning a survey in a public premises such as a university building, we can help. Our surveys provide highly accurate data to strict timescales, even when a building lacks power.Get in touch today.

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