Fern Avenue Residential Survey

Residential streets pose a wide range of challenges for surveyors. Not only do we need to minimise the impact of works on residents, but many areas such as business units and homes are blocked for access, limiting data collection points. Fortunately, 360RI use innovative methods to ensure we can build accurate point clouds, no matter where we must operate from.

The Challenge

This busy residential street posed a number of challenges. Firstly, the street is an active residence and therefore our survey had to minimise disruption and not impact resident’s safety or wellbeing. Our client wanted accurate data for use in planning refurbishment works, as well as to aid in a conditions survey and for use in right to light reviews.

The 360RI Solution

Our team deployed with 3D laser scanners during periods of quiet, allowing us to quickly and accurately capture data in a totally inobtrusive fashion, eliminating risk to residents. Our scans were then imported into a 3D revit model for use in BIM practices.

The Results

Our 3D laser scanning process allows surveys to capture incredible detail without having to cause physical obstruction or disturb residents, which meant complete client satisfaction. The model we created helps our client plan and implement any future works, allowing designers and other key decision makers to collaborate seamlessly on the project. By using laser to capture data, we ensured our survey was quick, efficient and inobtrusive.

Planning a survey on a residential property or neighbourhood? We can help you collect data without disturbing residents in-situ. Get in touch today.

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