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PAS128 Underground Utility Surveys

Pas128 Underground Utility Surveys or often referred to as GPR Surveys – Today more than ever, on site safety is paramount, failure to establish the accurate positions of buried utilities can result can have major cost implications is a severe risk to health and safety. 360 Mapping work to BSi PAS128 2014 specification for underground utility detection, verification and location.

Working with BSi PAS128  Underground Utility Surveying and Mapping Specification enables contractors to work with far greater confidence than if they rely solely upon statutory records.

360 Mapping use a variety of non-destructive techniques to accurately locate all detectable Sub-surface utilities.  Our two key techniques involve Electromagnetic technologies from Radio Detection & Vivax and GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) from Mala Geosciences’.

Our operators are highly trained in advanced techniques for each technology; we invest heavily in training, R&D and every appropriate non-destructive technology to make sure that we are at the forefront of Utility Surveying. Each site is investigated thoroughly with physical paint marks being left for visual inspection, all data is collected using the latest Surveying & Mapping technologies from Trimble

3D Modelling For Underground Works

When working in an underground setting, the location of piping, gasworks and other important elements are often poorly mapped. With our 3D modelling for underground works service, you can enjoy an accurate model of an underground space that includes vital information such as pipe and cable locations.

The Benefits of 3D Modelling

Safety – by providing better visibility over every aspect of a project, 3D modelling has been proven to increase safety, helping to identify and reduce risks on a site.

Accuracy – 3D modelling allows all project participants to see every aspect of a site in detail, including pipework and other key considerations.

Collaboration – We are entering the BIM-era, and being able to offer collaboration across teams and across roles is vital.

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