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3D Laser Scanning

Get surveys right first time with 3D Laser Scanning. Incredibly accurate and reliable scans capture millions of data points. These extend beyond even the main focus of the survey. This creates a fully accurate data point cloud and eliminates the need to return to site.

As the collection and usage of data grows in importance in the construction industry, 3D Laser Scanning is quickly becoming an invaluable tool. This innovative technology allows us to deploy on site and quickly capture millions upon millions of three dimensional data points. These are then exported into a ‘point cloud’ – which itself forms an accurate picture of a structure or site. This method is fast, accurate and reliable.

The benefits of 3D Laser Scanning


With laser scanning it’s possible to scan over a million data points per second – which means data capture is extremely fast. This ultimately saves on labour and time costs.


The term ‘pinpoint accuracy’ should be reserved for laser scanning, as each tiny data point is recreated to provide the most accurate 3D point cloud of an object.


Once assembled, the point cloud creates a three dimensional accurate picture of an entire structure or site. This can then be used in design software to eliminate any guesswork and enjoy total accuracy.

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