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3D Modelling

Create detailed digital models of structures and sites with our 3D modelling service. We use a laser-scanned point cloud to create dynamic 3D models that are BIM ready, allowing for mass collaboration as well as spatial and structural analysis and more accurate visualisations. 3D Modelling refers to the next step of the Laser Scanning process, where we take the point cloud data and create a detailed digital model. This process is part of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and allows different roles such as architects, civil engineers, managers etc to analyse the model and work collaboratively. At Three Sixty Group, we create highly accurate models that provide full three dimensional spatial data. We are also proud to be one of the few companies in the world to offer our 3D modelling service for underground projects.

3D Modelling For Underground Works

When working in an underground setting, the location of piping, gasworks and other important elements are often poorly mapped. With our 3D modelling for underground works service, you can enjoy an accurate model of an underground space that includes vital information such as pipe and cable locations.

The Benefits of 3D Modelling

Safety – by providing better visibility over every aspect of a project, 3D modelling has been proven to increase safety, helping to identify and reduce risks on a site. Accuracy – 3D modelling allows all project participants to see every aspect of a site in detail, including pipework and other key considerations. Collaboration – We are entering the BIM-era, and being able to offer collaboration across teams and across roles is vital.

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