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Drone/UAV Surveys

Inspect any site, anywhere, anytime with our UAV Drone Surveys. Cut down on time and costs by employing a small team of skilled drone pilots who can quickly assess a site – even one that may be hazardous or inaccessible to humans.

Surveys can be time and cost-intensive, especially when a site is large. Technology, however, has transformed the way we work – which is why we’ve invested in UAV Drone Surveys to be able to offer a faster and more accurate way to inspect and survey even the largest of sites. Our drone pilots cut down on labour costs and can access any site – even inaccessible or hazardous zones such as railways.

Our drones capture data points in a similar fashion to laser scanners, providing a full 360 data set of even the largest sites. Drone surveys are the perfect option for sites that are either inaccessible or unsafe, eliminating the risk to workers on site.


Safety: UAV drone surveys are transforming the way we capture data, allowing access to sites that could be dangerous to workers.

Scale: Drones can capture data on a far larger scale than a laser scanner, allowing you to capture sites such as entire residential projects or parkland etc.

Cost-effective: by reducing the number of workers on site, we can help increase the cost-effectiveness of your project.

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