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Photogrammetry is the process of turning photographs and imagery of objects into viable data models including point clouds and tin mesh. By capturing and overlaying photographs taken with a DSLR or even a drone camera, we create stereoscopic imagery of a building or site ready to be used in the BIM process.

Create high resolution imagery of an entire site or project with 360RI. Our photogrammetry service sees us combining photographs in an overlay to create full stereoscopic imagery of a site and a point cloud data set. By combining photography of a site or project, we create accurate 3D models or data sets of a site or structure, giving customers a way to quickly generate reliable imagery and information of larger sites or very detailed structures.

Benefits of Photogrammetry

Non-intrusive: Photogrammetry relies solely on photographs taken either on foot or with UAV drone technology, which means minimal impact is caused on site. This also makes it a useful method for modelling projects that are harder to access.

Versatile: Photographs taken for use in producing data sets or models can be archived and re-used in future. These photographs can be used for monitoring in addition to generating data.

Detailed: By using detailed photography, we can capture minute detail on structures and sites, making this a favoured technique for usage on works involving historic or listed buildings.

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