Listed Building Survey at Spanish City

The Spanish City is a greatly-loved heritage building in the North East of England. It is a dining and leisure centre that was first opened in 1910 and features an iconic dome and intricate detail throughout. The building had fallen into disrepair by the 2000’s, but a regeneration project was finally completed in July 2018 and the building has since re-opened. As part of this regeneration, 360RI were privileged to carry out a survey on the Grade II listed building.

The Challenge

Spanish City has housed many different businesses over the years, including ballrooms, skateparks and theme parks. As part of its maintenance, a survey was specified as a way to capture the important architectural and heritage aspects of the building in a complete 3D model. However, the complicated architectural facade and very busy seaside area posed a huge challenge to traditional surveying methods.

The 360RI Solution

Our 3D laser scanning process enabled us to quickly deploy on the site and use pinpoint laser data to construct a full point cloud of the entire building, as well as the Grade II listed dome that is so iconic in the North East of England. Laser scanning is unobtrusive, which meant we did not disturb the large number of pedestrians who visit the seaside promenade on which Spanish City is located.

The Results

By capturing millions upon millions of data points, our 3D laser scans can create a full ‘point cloud’ data set, which is then turned into a 3D model that provides complete accuracy over a structure. For the Spanish City, this meant we were able to accurately capture the complex and intricate details of the heritage building, both for documentation and for use in the maintenance works. In addition, we were also able to create 360 panoramic imagery that could be used for visual detection and archived for future works.

Planning works on a heritage structure? We can help you capture a fully detailed data set and 3D model that can be used to document even the most intricate details and can also be used to work on future design works for renovation. Get in touch to learn more. Get in touch today.

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