Listed Building Surveyors Deploy at Wallsend Town Hall

Wallsend Town Hall is a cultural landmark for the people of the town. A Grade II listed building, it was constructed over one hundred years ago and features a complex architectural facade. The building is also situated in a busy public area. This meant that any surveyors brought in for the task had to be well versed in carrying out efficient surveying works in public environments. That’s where we stepped in…

The Challenge

As a Grade II listed building, Wallsend Town Hall qualifies for special protections that limit how someone can approach maintenance or renovation. In order to properly document the entire condition of the building and the details it possessed, a survey was required that would be able to capture and display accurate data to use as a reference point and as a tool to plan future maintenance on the architectural facade. Due to the complexity of the building and its location in a busy public place, the task demanded skilled surveyors who could capture intricate detail quickly whilst not disturbing the public.

The 360RI Solution

360RI deployed on site with 3D laser scanners, which enabled us to capture incredible levels of detail without impacting on the public. The point cloud we constructed could then be used to create a detailed 3D model that could be inspected for documentation purposes, or used to plan maintenance works. The high level of data capture also allowed us to carry out a full measured building survey that includes full documentation of elevation and floor plans.

The Results

Our quick and effective data capture meant that there was no disruption to the operation of the building or to the public outside. 3D laser scanning is incredibly fast and accurate, meaning all plans produced were a reliable source of documentation and future planning. By choosing 360RI for the project, our clients were able to fully document in 3D the high level of detail within the Grade II listed building. We also produced 360 panoramic images that the client can take measurements from when planning future works.

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