Rail Station Portico Survey

Carrying out rail surveys means working around busy schedules and capturing data quickly and effectively. At one of the UK’s most iconic stations, a Grade I listed building that dates back to 1850, 360 RI were deployed to carry out 3D Laser Scanning on the station portico.    

Central Station 3D Underground Utilities Survey
Central Station 3D Underground Utilities Survey Internal

The Challenge

This station is situated in a city centre and receives over 13 million passengers annually, increasing every year. In such a busy environment, deploying surveyors can be disruptive and can even present safety risks. As a Grade I listed building, the station portico also carries a high degree of intricate detail as well as the underground services present in every station.

The 360RI Solution

To avoid the heavy pedestrian traffic at the station, we deployed at night – allowing our team to deploy laser scanning when the station was quiet. Due to the high accuracy provided by laser scanners, we could quickly and efficiently capture the intricate detail of the entire station. 3D laser scanning allowed us to capture a point cloud of measurements which could then be exported to 3D modelling services, but also 360° panoramic high res imagery from each scanner’s position.

The Results

Thanks to the accuracy of laser scanning technology, the data captured was used to construct a complete 3D model of the station portico and entire underground services section. This model enabled the design team to completely refurbish the portico in a digital environment, working collaboratively with a model that includes clash detection software. This allowed the team to plan ahead, avoiding service strikes and other delays during the eventual construction phase. Ultimately, the rail survey carried out by 360RI was the first step in an accurate, reliable and unobtrusive method to refurbish one of the country’s busiest stations.

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