360 Geophysical Investigation

We conduct fundamental, non-intrusive geophysical and geophysical investigations to obtain crucial information on buried hazards, concrete inspection, environmental monitoring and structural assessments, as well as providing expert witness reports.

Buried Hazard Detection

We use the most appropriate geophysical investigation technologies to detect buried hazards, employing the same non-invasive and cost-effective methodologies used for topographical surveys to ensure positional accuracy. 

Using a combination of geophysical techniques to measure the contrast between the buried target and the surrounding matrix, we cross-reference any anomalies within data sets to ensure the positive identification of the target. The position of detected targets is then marked out on site with the results presented in a technical report along with associated AutoCAD drawings. 

We have experience in detecting mineshafts, underground storage tanks, cisterns, culverts, voids and concrete piles. We also undertake structural investigations to detect underfloor heating pipes, chimney voids, basement extents and rebar placement.

Concrete Inspection

We conduct non-intrusive concrete inspections to determine the extent of integrated strengthening bars or reinforcement mesh for the planning of exploratory works and strength assessments, or to ascertain if reinforcement is actually present. 

Using ground penetrating radar surveys, we determine evidence of reinforcement ‘sag’, delamination, under slab voiding, and the location of post-tensioning tendons and movement joint dowels for a range of applications including industrial and retail floor inspections, the detection of reinforced sub-surface ducting slabs and basement projections. 

We have experience in locating the footings of wind turbines and pedestal cranes and providing strength assessments for mobile crane emplacements. Survey outputs are presented as AutoCAD drawings with associated technical reports. We also mark out rebar positions on site to assist intrusive works.

Structural Assessments

We offer a wide range of structural assessments and building pathology services that provide insightful diagnosis and prognosis, helping our clients navigate situations with clarity and purpose. 

By providing technical assessments of probable cause and associated consequences of building defects, we give a diagnosis and prognosis of building defects with remediation recommendations and cost-associated plans for rectification. 

We also identify and recommended repair for dampness, movement in buildings, roof defects, flood risk and damage, general masonry defects and property condition surveys for home buyers.

Expert Witness

We work with skilled, FCIOB-level professional associates to provide expert witness reports and presentations for building and property disputes. 

We pair our in-house technologies, such as 3D laser scanning, monitoring surveys or structural high-frequency GPR assessments, with their specialist knowledge, education and experience to corroborate their findings and ensure reliable, honest and non-biased admissible data.

Environmental Monitoring

We provide a range of specialist surveying and geophysical techniques for environmental monitoring and investigation. Find out more about our environmental monitoring services.

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We’re transforming the world of surveying, modernising traditional practices, including 3D reality capture services. From our offices in London, Newcastle, Nottingham and Edinburgh, our team of experts are committed to excellence and efficiency in planning and execution. Find out more in our who we are section.

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