360 Reality Capture

360 Group’s 3d reality capture services includes 3D laser scanning, 3D BIM modelling, drone surveying and photogrammetry.

3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning is an invaluable tool that gets surveys right the first time. Find out more about our 3D laser scanning services.

3D BIM Modelling

For detailed and accurate models and structures, 3D BIM modelling is a powerful and effective tool. Find out more about our 3D BIM modelling services.

Drone UAV Surveys

Our unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drone surveys make it possible to inspect any site, anywhere, anytime. Find out more about our drone surveying services.


Photogrammetry allows for microscopic levels of detail and quickly generates reliable information and imagery of larger sites and very intricate structures. Find out more about our photogrammetry services.

More about 360 Group

We’re transforming the world of surveying, modernising traditional practices, including 3D reality capture services. From our offices in London, Newcastle, Nottingham and Edinburgh, our team of experts are committed to excellence and efficiency in planning and execution. Find out more in our who we are section.

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