Drone Surveying and Land Mapping

Our unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drone surveying services make it possible to inspect any site, anywhere, anytime. Our small teams of skilled drone pilots can access and cover vast amounts of land, including sites that may be hazardous or inaccessible to humans. 

What is drone surveying?

Drone surveying users unmanned aerial vehicles – commonly referred to as drones – to capture site data from above using downward facing cameras and sensors. Data captured includes everything from accurate imagery to elevation and slope data – and much more. Capturing data points in a similar fashion to our 3D laser scanning service, drone surveys provide a detailed and exact 360º data map of even the largest sites.

What can drone surveying be used for?

Drones are becoming a multipurpose worksite tool, owing to their speed and accuracy. In terms of site surveying, drones are often used for takeoff reporting, where information is captured to determine the exact amount of cut and fill required to level a construction site. They can also be used to improve website safety, removing the need for workers to climb over obstacles or observe from an elevated position. 

Drone surveying is also a great tool to track the progress of project build. Simply conduct drone surveys at regular intervals for a very visual and highly accurate progress report map. This can be compared to pre-determined project milestones to determine if the project is on track or not. Importantly, it may also be able to determine why and where the project is falling behind schedule – if that is the case.

Why should I use drone surveying?

As already mentioned, UAV drone surveying transcends traditional boundaries, allowing access to sites that could be dangerous to workers and thus reducing the risk of worker accidents. 

Drone surveying also creates time and cost savings through its ability to capture data on a far larger scale than any other scanning method, especially on vast project sites like entire residential projects or parkland.

Finally, drone surveying is extremely accurate. Cutting-edge technology allows for the collation of a huge amount of data into a single data set.  Whether it be thermal imaging, topographic data, stockpile info or something else, a single drone flight provides thousands of data points for accurate measurements that can be easily converted into a single source of truth and visualised as desired.

UK-wide support

With offices in London, Newcastle, Nottingham and Edinburgh, we are able to provide drone surveying services to the whole UK. No matter what sector you’re in, small business or large PLC, our trained specialists are here to help, working only to the very highest standards.

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