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Cut and Fill Analysis

Where an original topographical survey is used to determine starting levels or surface terrain, we use Cut and Fill Analysis to investigate soils more thoroughly, gathering information to understand quantities of earthmoving materials, from a project design perspective. We use the latest technologies to establish how much earth should be retained or removed from a site and if existing site materials can be effectively balanced to minimise the amount of construction labour and costs required e.g., to avoid importing a more expensive fill or exporting to landfill.

Earthworks Design and Modelling

We undertake Earthworks Design and Modelling to create accurate calculations, drawings and three-dimensional renderings of the landscape of a project to determine architectural and design limitations and assign the amount of cutting and filling required to achieve suitable topography. Utilising geological data obtained by our specialist surveying technologies and techniques, we identify drainage levels, subsurface structures and soil materials, uncovering any issues that could affect the stability or safety of a project.

Site Setting Out

We use the latest surveying technologies to transfer design drawings into the real world, setting out meticulous key points, full points and guide marks on site to ensure project continuity and accurate construction or excavation. Correct Site Setting Out is critical to minimising risk and costly errors on small and large-scale construction projects alike, so we also offer ongoing point monitoring to maintain and protect accuracy throughout the development of a project.

Volumetric Surveys

We combine UAV drone technology with traditional ground surveying techniques to provide efficient and cost-effective volumetric surveys that accurately calculate the volume of stockpiles, earthworks and other materials. Our Volumetric Surveys allow a unique insight into a site with an independent measure of quantities required, allowing for better projection and management of project logistics, costs and timeframes at the design stage so that plans can be adjusted as required before construction begins.

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