3D Photogrammetry

By capturing and overlaying photographs taken with a DSLR or a drone camera, we create high-resolution, stereoscopic imagery of entire sites and projects ready to be used in the BIM process.

What is photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry has been with us in some form or another for centuries. It is the process of turning photographs of objects into viable data models, including data point clouds and tin mesh. It is centred around perspective and its interpretation, a kind of reverse photography where instead of turning 3D objects into a flat 2D image, it takes 2D images to create a 3D model.

What can photogrammetry be used for?

Photogrammetry has been used in a number of different areas in history, including everything from forensic crime scene evaluation to engineering work. Its use in land surveying and the construction industry is also well established.

More specifically, photogrammetry is associated with land surveying through benefits such as the topographic mapping of earthworks, infrastructure planning and design, mining works, stockpiling / inventory mapping, and landfill waste management.

Why should I use drone surveying?

Photogrammetry is very cost-effective in comparison to alternatives such as LiDAR. It is also much more readily available, requiring little more than a DSLR camera and photogrammetry software. Photogrammetry equipment is also easier to transport than LiDAR equipment and can also be used for a lot of other, general-purpose photography. 

3D photogrammetry relies on photographs captured on foot or with UAV drone technology, requiring very minimal impact on site, and making it a useful method for modelling larger or harder-to-access projects. This non-intrusive feature is a key benefit of its use in land surveying.

Photogrammetry is also extremely versatile and enduring. Photographs taken to produce photogrammetry data sets or models can be archived and re-used, which is useful for monitoring sites as well as generating new data in the future. 

By layering detailed images, we can also acquire highly-accurate, minute detail of structures and sites, making 3D photogrammetry a favoured technique for works involving historic or listed buildings.

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