3D BIM Modelling

Our 3D BIM modelling services create highly accurate, detailed digital models of structures and sites. By first using our 3D laser-scanning process to create a comprehensive data point cloud, we generate dynamic 3D models that are BIM-ready, allowing for mass collaboration as well as spatial and structural analysis and exact visualisations.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the process of creating and managing information for a construction project or other built asset. It integrates multi-disciplinary data in a structured way to produce a digital representation of the project or asset throughout the project life-cycle, from design through to construction.

3D BIM modelling is simply a 3D version of this digital project picture. As you might imagine, it is an extremely useful, if not essential element of all modern construction projects.

How does BIM modelling differ from CAD?

CAD modelling is still perhaps better known in the construction industry and there is often some confusion around the difference between this and BIM modelling. While CAD also provides a 3D expression of a project, BIM goes beyond simple geometry to show the relationships between and behaviours of individual building components. This means BIM information can be used to drive project outcomes, while CAD information can’t.

Who is BIM modelling for?

Architects, structural engineers, civil engineers, and contractors are among the more common users of 3D BIM modelling. It is clear now that even late-adopting sectors are already starting to use BIM modelling and it is at the tipping point of becoming standard practice in the construction industry. 

BIM is much more effective across the life-cylce of a project, developing a single, easily accessible, full-connected data-set for even the most complex projects in a way that CAD simply can’t match. 

Why should I use 3D BIM modelling?

The highly collaborative nature of BIM models is a key selling point. With BIM models that provide full 3D spatial data, stakeholders, project managers and contractors alike can analyse the model to work collaboratively.

3D BIM modelling is also incredibly accurate, allowing all project participants to see every aspect of a site in detail, including pipework and other key considerations. By providing this level of visibility over every aspect of a project, 3D BIM modelling helps to identify and reduce risks on a site.

3D BIM modelling for underground works

We are proud to be one of very few companies in the world to offer 3D modelling for underground works and projects. Historically, when working underground, the location of piping, cabling, gasworks and other important elements have been poorly mapped. Now, underground workers can benefit from accurate models that include this vital information.

UK-wide support

With offices in London, Newcastle, Nottingham and Edinburgh, we are able to provide 3D BIM modelling services to the whole UK. No matter what sector you’re in, small business or large PLC, our trained specialists are here to help, working only to the very highest standards.

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Our 3D BIM modelling services are just one part of our overall 360 reality capture services. You may also want to read more about our 3D laser scanning, drone surveying and photogrammetry.

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