Measured Building Surveys

Our 2D measured building surveys provide accurate and thorough plans of existing buildings to the appropriate scale. We can also supply measured building drawings in AutoCAD DWG/DXF Format, PDF and as paper hard copies – whatever your preference.

What is a measured building survey?

It might sound obvious, but a measured building survey is a map of a building – inside and out. It includes all structural and architectural components, including internal and external elevations, doors and window locations and much more. The level of detail required from a measured building survey depends on the specific project and the needs of the client and provides crucial support to new planning applications. 

What can a measured building survey be used for?

A measured building survey is used in a number of construction projects, including restoration projects and redevelopment projects and building extensions. Any instance where architects, designers, and builders need to know accurate measurements of the space they are working with.

Why should I use a measured building survey?

There are several risks associated with not acquiring accurate measurements via a measured building survey. You may end up  under or over-ordering building materials. You may also end-up with a project so different from the original scope that you inadvertently contravene planning regulations and be forced to undo your work. Our measured building survey services eliminate this risk. 

UK-wide support

With offices in London, Newcastle, Nottingham and Edinburgh, we are able to provide full measured building surveys to the whole UK. No matter what sector you’re in, small business or large PLC, our trained specialists are here to help, working only to the very highest standards.

More about our 360 land survey and mapping services

Our measured building surveys are just one part of our overall 360 land survey services. You may also want to read more about our topographical surveys, hydrographical surveys and underground utility surveys.

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