Topographic Surveying

We can undertake topographical surveys to any given scope or specification on any site throughout the UK, providing accurate 2D and 3D context for design purposes, utility surveys and to help decide if a project is feasible. 

All of our topographic surveys are produced using the latest topographic surveying instruments and relate to the Ordnance Survey Network (OSTN15). 

Once complete, topographic survey drawings can be supplied in IFC, Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD DWG/DXF Format, PDF and as Paper hard copies.

What is a topographical survey?

A topographic survey gathers data from natural and man made features of the land to provide an accurate depiction of a site. Natural features mapped include banks and depressions in the land, watercourses, and trees and woodland areas. Man-made features of a topographic survey include boundaries (walls, fences, etc), roads and pathways, street furniture , building footprints and much more.

What can a topographical survey be used for?

Topographic surveys are used for general land surveys, boundary surveys and, of course, construction projects. The map produced by the survey is useful to making design decisions and helps with the development of construction drawings. It can also be used for things like land registry submissions.

Why should I use a topographical survey?

Small projects may not require a topographic survey e.g. on small home extensions on flat land. However, for larger projects, a topographical survey early in the construction project can save time and reduce cost, especially when conducted by specialists using the very  latest technology.

UK-wide support

With offices in London, Newcastle, Nottingham and Edinburgh, we are able to provide topographical surveys to the whole UK. No matter what sector you’re in, small business or large PLC, our trained specialists are here to help, working only to the very highest standards.

More about our 360 land survey and mapping services

Our topographical surveys are just one part of our overall 360 land survey services. You may also want to read more about our measured building surveys, hydrographic surveys and underground utility surveys.

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