Utility Surveying

Our highly trained underground utility survey operators investigate each site thoroughly, leaving paint marks for visual inspection and collecting data using the latest utility surveying and mapping technologies.

What is a PAS128 survey?

Often referred to as GPR (ground penetrating radar) surveys, PAS128 underground utility surveys establish the accurate positions of buried utilities using a variety of non-destructive, advanced techniques including electromagnetic technologies and GPR. 

What is the PAS 128 survey used for?

The PAS 128 underground utility survey, known since a recent update as PAS 128:2022, sets out in detail the specification for underground utility detection. More information can be found on the BSI website

First published in 2014, the PAS 128 provides clarity on the approach to underground surveying to make planning more effective, enable better decision making and reduce conflicts and delays associated with damage to third party assets and utility service disruptions. 

Why should I use a PAS 128 survey?

The PAS 128 is an essential requirement regardless of whether utilities are located in rural or urban areas, or on public or private sites. It is critical anyone involved in the planning, design, or construction of a project which may impact underground utilities is familiar with the updated PAS 128. Failure to follow requirements could result in injury to workers, significant cost of repairs, and reputation damage through utility service disruption.

UK-wide support

With offices in London, Newcastle, Nottingham and Edinburgh, we are able to provide PAS128 underground utility surveys to the whole UK. No matter what sector you’re in, small business or large PLC, our trained specialists are here to help, working only to the very highest standards.

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